Customizing Temporal Table DateTime mappings with EF Core

The datetime values in temporal tables are UTC. Is it possible to configure your DbContext class to apply a custom mapping to the sysstarttime/sysendtime columns? In this case I would simply want to c...

16 May at 03:46

Find point at "t" on a cubic spline with

I am using C# with MathNet to make a 2d cubic spline that I can draw. I was able to make a spline, but I couldn't figure out if there is a function that takes in a "t" value and spits out a point. I a...

16 May at 03:47

Is it possible to compile a single C# code file with .NET 8 or C# 12

We can build and run a single file C# code with mono compiler up to C# 6. But for latest C# version - C# 12 - Mono doesn't have support for it. So, is there a way we can run a single file C# code with...

16 May at 03:48

Grouping a set of LayoutContent into one LayoutDocument

I'm reading the [wiki][1] for AvalonDock and I can't figure out a way to group a set of `LayoutContent` into a _workspace_ (my terminology) such that I can dock the entire workspace and it maintains t...

16 May at 03:48

Converting SqlDataReader to SequentialAccess to avoid out-of-memory errors?

I'm currently hitting out of memory errors with the code shown here, and I want to move my `SqlDataReader` to [`SequentialAccess`][1] to see if that helps. I originally stumbled across this via the fo...

16 May at 03:49

In C# how do I use an extern C++ dll located in a /lib/x64 folder

I am trying to keep my project organized. I have a lot of extern c++ libraries, `opencv.dll`, `libdmtx.dll`, etc located in `/lib/x64` folder in my C# project directory In Visual Studio 2019 I set the...

16 May at 03:49

Is there a way to create multi-file output using the "same" stream?

I would like to do the following, but am finding it impossible: The idea is simple. If the file being written gets large, close it and open another file of a similar name with a different index. The f...

16 May at 03:51

Set the Content Type of Blob using Imperative Binding

I'm trying to set the content type of an output blob to 'text/json' using imperative binding. I'm writing some Azure functions that respond to a service bus trigger by writing some data to a blob, and...

How Can I Create Dynamic Base Path In Blazor

I have a blazor application in .NET 8. My App.razor file like below; When running locally, bootstrap files and all redirects work successfully. However, In the test environment, the bootstrap files ca...

Remove virtual service account associated with a windows service

I use WiX to create an MSI installer that installs an application that runs as a Windows Service. The user that executes the service is a virtual service account (`NT SERVICE\MyServiceUserName`). On s...

c# handle large number of tcp connections

I created the following simple tcp listener, but when I load the test using Apache JMeter and 500 thread, I see a **0.5**% error rate. How I can improve it? How to find the reason error rate? From Apa...

16 May at 04:0

is TCP socket open TIME_WAIT state even useful for Http requests?

I use C#, and there are many articles talking about how misusing HttpClient will cause socket exhaustion. Because after even the http connection is closed, the socket is in a TIME_WAIT state to handle...

16 May at 04:1

How can I loop through the properties of a generic List with reflection?

I've written this method, but I get an issue when casting: > Unable to cast object of type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1[ConsoleApp7.RoomCategory]' to type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1[Syst...

16 May at 04:3

Call azure http function but don't wait for it's response

This is the code I'm working on, it is not waiting for the response to complete now. But the problem is, the request never arrives at the azure function url. If I await it, it does receives request. R...

16 May at 04:4

Passing data from async Task<string> to another function, interface freezes

I try to pass data form async `Task` to another function, but after I run code the interface is freezing I don't know why. I want to know how to use data in async `Task` in another function. I need to...

14 May at 04:39

Why I cant add users to their respective roles the AspNetUserRole table?

I created a custom identity and roles and i want to assign roles to users during registration. However the roles are not being assigned to the respective users as my `AspNetUserRole` table is empty. T...

14 May at 04:41

How to notify a component of state changes for each item added in ASP.NET MVC?

I'm working on a study case for an ASP.NET MVC application where I have a scenario where I need to add multiple items to a list asynchronously and update the UI after each item is added. In a Blazor a...

14 May at 03:1

Passing files to a controller

I have created a C# controller to receive files i pass from my client side. I get a error called "The files field is required" and cannot seem to fix it. Please note that I am new to C# and have only ...

Does a Singleton allocates memory if they're not being called?

Does a Singleton allocates memory if they're not being called? For example: Does it allocate the memory if we DIDN'T call it somewhere?

How can I separate these two objects from the array?

I have two object in one array. How can I separate these two objects from the array in javascript or c#? This is for a shopping cart to save this object in database that I need to separated.

14 May at 03:7

How to convert my PHP code to C# dimensional array

I have a data from database, that I want to put into an array for later process. php version: How can I write the above code in C#?

14 May at 03:11

Can I populate fields in a list using a for loop?

I am new to C# so pardon me if I stumble over concepts or syntax. I have a trading program where I use lists to store potential trades and data related to the quality of the trade. On of the lists con...

14 May at 03:26

How to implement metric in a console app C# with AppMetrics

Hello I need to implement in a C# console app with AppMetrics. I know how to do it with a Web App but I don't know how to do it in a console app.

14 May at 03:27

How to add a GET method to CoreWCF service

I am converting a WCF service from .NET Framework to .NET Cire and using CoreWCF, I have my method decorated like so However, when I run the service the GET call always return 400 whereas the post cal...

14 May at 03:28

How can I strip attributes from a html image string and only keep the source?

I have lots of html image elements as a string but they often contain rubbish I don't need. How can I remove titles, height, class etc? E.g: and convert it to become: Struggling to think of an easy so...

14 May at 03:30