How to read a text file on Xamarin Forms PCL project?

I need to read a text file (Embedded resource) on my Xamarin.Forms PCL project. On the [working with files]( xamarin docs it sugg...

19 Apr at 17:47

WPF WindowChrome: Edges of maximized Window are out of the screen

I use WindowChrome to customize a Window. When I maximize the Window, then the edges are out of the screen. I use the following code to fix this: ``` <Window x:Class="WpfApplication1.MainWindow" ...

20 Apr at 10:50

docker-compose : Unsupported config option for services service: 'web'

I am going through the [Getting Started with Docker Compose]( page. In Step 3, I made a `docker-compose.yml` file as described: ``` version: '2' service...

1 Oct at 00:40

DockPanel in UWP app?

I would like to know if there is anyway to reproduce the same behavior than with the `DockPanel` in WPF but in UWP app? I would like to have some container docked, and the last one filling the userin...

19 Apr at 16:35

Opening a .pdf file in windows form through a button click

On the current window that I have, I have a button. I want to be able to click the button and open up a .pdf file which is in the resources folder of this project. Is there an easy want to do this? ...

19 Apr at 15:17

Array.push() and unique items

I have a simple case of pushing unique values into array. It looks like this: ``` this.items = []; add(item) { if(this.items.indexOf(item) > -1) { this.items.push(item); console.lo...

19 Apr at 13:10

Why upload to Azure blob so slow?

I have a custom stream that is used to perform write operations directly into the page cloud blob. ``` public sealed class WindowsAzureCloudPageBlobStream : Stream { // 4 MB is the top most limit...

Single Dropdown with search box in it

I want to add search box to a single select drop down option. ``` <select id="widget_for" name="{{widget_for}}"> <option value="">select</option> {% for key, value in dr.items %} <input placehold...

Bouncy Castle's X509V3CertificateGenerator.SetSignatureAlgorithm marked obsolete. What do I do?

I am trying to create a self-signed trusted certificate. I am using Bouncy Castle from nuget, and the answer on [this question](

C# html agility pack get elements by class name

I'm trying to get all the divs that their class contains a certain word: ``` <div class="hello mike">content1</div> <div class="hello jeff>content2</div> <div class="john">content3</div> ``` I need...

19 Apr at 07:40

Why is this HttpClient usage giving me an "Cannot access a disposed object." error?

I've simplified the code a bit but basically this keep giving me a "Cannot access a disposed object." error and I cant work out why? I have multiple tasks running simultaneously that perform a GET th...

21 Sep at 20:33

Settings must be of the form "name=value". No idea what to do

So I'm parsing a connection string for an Azure Storage Account and when I get to the page of the app that uses the connection string, the compiler catches an exception stating, "Settings must be of t...

18 Apr at 16:50

Copy multiple files with Ansible

How can I copy more than a single file into remote nodes by Ansible in a task? I've tried to duplicate the copy module line in my task to define files but it only copies the first file.

25 Jul at 14:51

Detect click outside div using javascript

I'd like to detect a click inside or outside a div area. The tricky part is that the div will contain other elements and if one of the elements inside the div is clicked, it should be considered a cli...

18 Apr at 13:29

What is fatal signal 6 in android logcat

Im new to android development my app gets constantly killed when switching 11 times from activity and than it only says > Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 in tid 9485 (Thread-141585) in my logcat...

18 Apr at 12:22

Best way to iterate over a list and remove items from it?

I need to iterate over a `List<myObject>` and remove items that answer a certain condition. I saw this answer ([](

23 May at 12:24

Why is Docker installed but not Docker Compose?

I have installed docker on CentOS 7 by running following commands, ``` curl -sSL | sh systemctl enable docker && systemctl start docker docker run hello-world ``` however whe...

8 Dec at 02:19

How to get the value of an input field using ReactJS?

I have the following React component: ``` export default class MyComponent extends React.Component { onSubmit(e) { e.preventDefault(); var title = this.title; console.log...

15 Oct at 10:1

Failed to find Build Tools revision 23.0.1

I am trying to build my first app with react-native. I am following these 2 tutorial: - [](

3 Mar at 20:37

Can using async-await give you any performance benefits?

Whenever I read about `async`-`await`, the use case example is one where there's a UI that you don't want to freeze. Either all programming books/tutorials are the same or UI blocking is the only cas...

Entity Framework : map multiple classes to one table

I think this is possible in nhiberate, but my question is about Entity Framework. In my database model - which I cannot modify - I have redundant columns that I would like to store in different class...

17 Apr at 18:57

How to add a color overlay to a background image?

I have seen this question a lot both on SO and the Web. But none of them has been what I am looking for. How do I add a color-overlay to a background image using CSS only? Example HTML: ``` <div cl...

Chart.js v2 - hiding grid lines

I am using Chart.js v2 to draw a simple line chart. Everything looks fine, except there are grid lines that I don't want: []( The documentation for Line Chart is ...

9 Nov at 07:55

Error while waiting for device: Time out after 300seconds waiting for emulator to come online

I have been trying to use android studio 2.0 emulator but I can not run my App on the Emulator. When I Run my App it shows the emulator with following details: Hax is Enabled - Hax ram_size 0x80000000...

21 Dec at 22:20

Is it possible to simplify an if-statement that checks for a combination?

I'm currently working on adding sound effects to a game, and although my current code is working fine, I'm looking for a way to simplify it. Basically, each object in the game has a string value indic...

17 Apr at 21:30