How to open a "-" dashed filename using terminal?

[I tried gedit, nano, vi, leafpad and other text editors , it won't open, I tried cat and other file looking commands, and I ensure you it's a file not a directory!](

30 Dec at 13:9

Optimize LINQ query that runs fast in Sql server?

I want to calculate the rows of a related table: ``` MainTable tbl = tblInfo(id); var count = tbl.Related_Huge_Table_Data.Count(); ``` The problem is: this takes too long (about 20 seconds) to exec...

14 Feb at 09:37

unzip password protected zip in unix

I need to create a shell script wherein I will unzip a password protected zip file. I know the password, and need to automate the unzip process. How can I achieve this using Unix shell scripting?

31 Dec at 14:10

How to implement a Navbar Dropdown Hover in Bootstrap v4?

I am a bit confused on the new bootstrap version since they changed dropdown menus to divs: ``` <nav class="navbar navbar-toggleable-md navbar-light bg-faded"> <button class="navbar-toggler navbar-...

19 Nov at 19:4

What is the difference between various MSBuild version properties, such as Version, VersionPrefix, and VersionSuffix?

Building projects with MSBuild 15 and Microsoft.NET.Sdk allows users to specify half a dozen version properties. What is the difference between each of these and what is the right way to use them? - ...

12 Feb at 01:33

Is it possible to use dotenv in a react project?

I am trying to set some environment variables (for making API calls to dev/prod endpoints, keys depending on dev/prod, etc.) and I'm wondering if using dotenv will work. I've installed dotenv, and I ...

11 Feb at 23:44

Built-in dependency injection with conventions

How to inject services without registering them? I mean in the past some DI frameworks automatically registered `Service` for `IService`. I'm in a situation where I have a dozen of services and basic...

11 Feb at 20:23

How to disable a input in angular2

In ts `is_edit = true` to disable... ``` <input [disabled]="is_edit=='false' ? true : null" id="name" type="text" [(ngModel)]="" formControlName="name" class="form-control" minlength="2"> `...

How to download a nupkg package from nuget programmatically in .NET Core?

In past with .NET Framework I used this example for working with nuget programmatically [Play with Packages, programmatically!]( Is there any ...

6 Dec at 12:21

React router, pass data when navigating programmatically?

We could navigate to different path using `this.props.router.push('/some/path')` Is there a way to send params (object) along when navigating? There are other options I can think of, but wonder i...

21 Jan at 11:45

Package requires NuGet client version '2.12'

I am trying to install 'WindowsAzure.Storage 8.0.1' in visual studio 2012, but getting the error > package requires NuGet client version '2.12' or above, but the current NuGet version is '2.8.60318....

Python Matplotlib Histogram Color

I hope you are well. I am plotting a histogram using Matplotlib. I would like the color of the histogram to be "sky blue". But the data overlaps, and produces a histogram which is nearly black in col...

13 Feb at 08:30

Get current number of partitions of a DataFrame

Is there any way to get the current number of partitions of a DataFrame? I checked the DataFrame javadoc (spark 1.6) and didn't found a method for that, or am I just missed it? (In case of JavaRDD th...

Why do C# 7 ValueTuples implement the Equals method but not the double equals operator?

Consider the following code snippet: ``` var tuple1 = (7, "foo"); var tuple2 = (7, "foo"); var tuple3 = (42, "bar"); Assert.That(tuple1.Equals(tuple2), Is.True); //This passes Assert.That(tuple1....

10 Feb at 22:59

JavaScript Function Not Defined Error (BUT IT IS DEFINED)

I have a JavaScript function which fires on blur. Strangely enough it worked fine the first time I ran it, and ever since then I've been getting an error that says JavaScript Function Not Defined - an...

10 Feb at 23:28

How to resolve 'preflight is invalid (redirect)' or 'redirect is not allowed for a preflight request'

I have followed this step to setup my server to enable CORS. [](

2 Jul at 05:21

How to loop over this dictionary in Ansible?

Say I have this dictionary ``` war_files: server1: - file1.war - file2.war server2: - file1.war - file2.war - file3.war ``` and for now I just want to loop over each item (key), and t...

10 Feb at 20:7

Git: Set local and different for each repo

I'm currently working on 2 projects, which expect that I configure my local username and email with different data when I push to them. For that I'm updating my config all the time like: `git config -...

21 Jun at 12:40

SMBIOS - Get SPD (Serial Presence Detect) Modules Information C#

I searched a lot but did not find any working codes getting SPD tables information via C#. Out there there are lots of softwares which get this info but HOW? []( ...

4 May at 08:11

Why does C# implement anonymous methods and closures as instance methods, rather than as static methods?

As I'm not exactly an expert on programming languages I'm well aware this may be a stupid question, but as best as I can tell C# handles anonymous methods and closures by making them into instance met...

10 Feb at 18:57

Chart.js Show labels on Pie chart

I recently updated my charts.js library to the most updated version (2.5.0). This version doesn't show the labels on the chart. I have an example of working one on fiddler: [

10 Feb at 17:2

EmailAddressAttribute incorrectly categorizing French e-mail address as invalid

I'm using the [EmailAddressAttribute]( for use on my model. The problem is when I u...

positional argument follows keyword argument

I am a calling a function like this in python . ``` order_id = kite.order_place(self, exchange, tradingsymbol, transaction_type, quantity, price, product, order_type, validity, disclosed_quantity=N...

10 Feb at 16:32

How to execute a * .PY file from a * .IPYNB file on the Jupyter notebook?

I am working on a Python Notebook and I would like that . The action of running a [. Is there any way to fix this? A possible simplified example of the problem would be the following: ``` In[1]...

10 Feb at 15:52

How to calculate the height of a FontFamily with Win2D (Line Spacing)?

I would like to know how to calculate the height of a given a font (with its properties, like size, weight, style...) in a Window Universal Application I previously used a `CanvasTextLayout`, but it...

15 Feb at 19:58