Core Email confirmation sometimes says InvalidToken

I am using core identity 2.1 and i am having a random issue with email confirmation, which while email confirmation sometimes says . The token is also not expired. We are using , and we have...

Alternative to XML Documentation Comments in C#

When asking around for the conventions of documentation comments in C# code, the answer always leads to using XML comments. Microsoft recommends this approach themselves aswell. [https://learn.microso...

2 Feb at 20:49

Typescript: Type 'string | undefined' is not assignable to type 'string'

When I make any property of an interface optional, and while assigning its member to some other variable like this: ``` interface Person { name?: string, age?: string, gender?: string, occupat...

9 May at 12:24

Is it safe to call StateHasChanged() from an arbitrary thread?

Is it safe to call `StateHasChanged()` from an arbitrary thread? Let me give you some context. Imagine a Server-side Blazor/Razor Components application where you have: - `NewsProvider``BreakingNews...

2 Feb at 23:43

What is the C# equivalent to Promise.all?

I would like to fetch data from multiple locations from Firebase Realtime Database like described [here]( and [here](

4 Aug at 23:59

C# Jwt Token generation failed core 2.2

i am trying to generate token for userId, unfortunately i am not able to get it worked. This is my JwtTokenGenerator class ``` namespace WebApiDocker.Config.Jwt { //

2 Feb at 11:8

Media query syntax for Reactjs

How do I do the following CSS media query in Reactjs? ``` .heading { text-align: right; /* media queries */ @media (max-width: 767px) { text-align: center; } @media (max-width: 400px) {...

15 Jun at 21:16

error converting YAML to JSON, did not find expected key kubernetes

I am doing a lab about kubernetes in google cloud. I have create the YAML file, but when I am trying to deploy it a shell shows me this error: ``` error converting YAML to JSON: yaml: line 34: did ...

7 Dec at 18:0

Typescript: Type X is missing the following properties from type Y length, pop, push, concat, and 26 more. [2740]

I have this Product interface: ``` export interface Product{ code: string; description: string; type: string; } ``` Service with method calling product endpoint: ``` public getProducts(): Obser...

What is wrong with this code. Why can't I use SqlConnection?

I am 100% newbie to SQl and wanted to make a ConsoleApp with the use of database. I read some about it and tried. When I needed to make SqlConnection, my VS 2019 Preview showed me this > Severity ...

1 Feb at 05:19

How to solve Warning: React does not recognize the X prop on a DOM element

I'm using a thing called [react-firebase-js]( to handle firebase auth, but my understanding of react and of the provider-consumer idea is limited. I started with a bui...

Blazor: Managing Environment Specific Variables

How can I manage access variables which differ among environments in client side blazor? Normally since I use Azure to publish applications, I'd use the `appsettings.json` file for local app settings ...

1 Feb at 11:30

RangeError: Invalid time value

I'm getting frequent errors when i start my server. Here is the error: Here is the code: ``` var start = timestamp; const expiryDate = (new Date(start)).toISOString().split('T')[0]; ```

31 Jan at 14:5

404 from server events heartbeat endpoint

We are recieving proportionately low but consistent 404 from server events from a channel subscription. This seems to only be via our react interface which uses the typescript adapter here: [https://...

31 Jan at 13:28

How to return 403 instead of redirect to access denied when AuthorizeFilter fails

In Startup.ConfigureServices() I configure authorization filter like this: ``` services.AddMvc(options => { options.Filters.Add(new AuthorizeFilter(myAuthorizationPolicy)); }) ``` and I use eit...

Microsoft.SqlServer.Types incompatible with .NET Standard

I'm attempting to convert all of our C# class libraries from .NET Framework to .NET Standard projects, as we are starting to leverage .NET Core so need these to be consumable by both .NET Core and .NE...

ServiceModel vs ServiceInterface in Servicestack

What is the correct approach to structure a ServiceStack project? As of now I do it in the following way: Under `ServiceModel`, I have all the models (entities), and have defined the different route...

30 Jan at 23:1

How do I run/test my Flutter app on a real device?

I want to run/test (not automated test) my Flutter app on a real iPhone and Android phone during development. However, Flutter docs seem to only document how to do it with the iOS simulator or Android...

Nothing happens when clicking on routerLink href in Angular 6.1

Nothing happens when I click on the route defined in the following way. ``` <li> <a class="nav-link" routerLink="/about" routerLinkActive="active">About Us</a> </li> <router-outlet></router-outl...

How to read request body multiple times in asp net core 2.2 middleware?

I tried this: [Read request body twice]( and this: [](

30 Jan at 14:18

Learning asyncio: "coroutine was never awaited" warning error

I am trying to learn to use asyncio in Python to optimize scripts. My example returns a `coroutine was never awaited` warning, can you help to understand and find how to solve it? ``` import time i...

30 Jan at 13:39

"InvalidOperationException: IDX20803: Unable to obtain configuration from: '[PII is hidden]'"

I've deployed my API and Client app on Docker, but for the life of me, the web app cannot call the API, I keep getting an exception. I added the following line suggested in other posts, but it did not...

TypeScript interface signature for the onClick event in ReactJS

The official []( website contains an excellent introductory tutorial. The tutorial snippets are written in JavaScript and I am trying to convert ...

30 Jan at 04:0

ASP.NET Core API - ActionResult<T> vs async Task<T>

If I'm creating an API using .NET Core 2.1 with some typical POST and GET methods, which return type for those methods is most suitable, `ActionResult<T>` or `async Task<T>`? One of my friends uses th...

30 Jan at 03:57

Is there a keyboard shortcut to maximize the Game window in Unity in Play Mode?

+ maximizes most windows in unity 2018 when in edit mode. Is there a keyboard shortcut to maximize the Game window when you're playing your game? Can't find anything in the docs.

8 Jun at 10:50