Events and multithreading once again

I'm worried about the correctness of the seemingly-standard pre-C#6 pattern for firing an event: ``` EventHandler localCopy = SomeEvent; if (localCopy != null) localCopy(this, args); ``` I've r...

angular-cli server - how to proxy API requests to another server?

With the `angular-cli` `ng serve` local dev server, it's serving all the static files from my project directory. How can I proxy my AJAX calls to a different server?

26 Jul at 12:41

.NET Core/EF 6 - Dependency Injection Scope

I am currently working on setting up a .NET Core application using EF 6, and am having some trouble understanding the appropriate use of the various dependency registration methods. As I understand i...

Create a cryptographically secure random GUID in .NET

I want to create a cryptographically secure GUID (v4) in .NET. .NET's `Guid.NewGuid()` function is not cryptographically secure, but .NET does provide the `System.Security.Cryptography.RNGCryptoServi...

11 May at 18:13

How to combine AutoDataAttribute with InlineData

I heavily use the Autofixture AutoData Theories for creating my data and mocks. However this prevents me from using the InlineData Attributes from XUnit to pipe in a bunch of different data for my tes...

11 May at 17:9

Alert Dialog in ViewModel - MVVMCross

In the `ViewModel`, I have `Save` method where I check `isValid` property. If `isValid` is `false`, then I want to display an error message. Since `AlertDialog` is platform specific, I wonder how d...

12 May at 16:13

How to make EF-Core use a Guid instead of String for its ID/Primary key

When I look at the ASP.NET 3 Identity it uses a `string` and not a `Guid` for the unique primary key. In my `Entity Framework` `code first` Users' `ApplicationUser` class I inherit the Identity clas...

is there any alternative for ng-disabled in angular2?

I am using angular2 for development and was wondering if there is any alternative for `ng-disabled` in angular2. For ex. below code is in angularJS: ``` <button ng-disabled="!nextLibAvailable" ng-c...

24 Aug at 13:26

Replace multiple Regex Matches each with a different replacement

I have a string that may or may not have multiple matches for a designated pattern. Each needs to be replaced. I have this code: The problem is that when I have several matches the first is replaced a...

5 May at 16:53

Angular 2: Passing Data to Routes?

I am working on this angular2 project in which I am using `ROUTER_DIRECTIVES` to navigate from one component to other. There are 2 components. i.e. `PagesComponent` & `DesignerComponent`. I want to ...

Wordpress plugin install: Could not create directory

I'm using WordPress on centos 6. I try to install a plugin. But I got this error: > Installing Plugin: bbPress 2.5.9 Downloading install package from [

13 Apr at 12:9

Best Practice for Use HttpClient

I'm using HttpClient to make request to WebApi. I have written this code ``` public async Task<string> ExecuteGetHttp(string url, Dictionary<string, string> headers = null) { us...

ERROR: Error cloning remote repo 'origin'

Tried with the configure option, not able to find the tools configuration option and the git executable section. Seems like it occurs after a successful build only. Please help. Here's the output I r...

31 May at 09:32

angular-cli server - how to specify default port

Using angular-cli with the `ng serve` command, how can I specify a default port so I do not need to manually pass the `--port` flag every time? I'd like to change from the default port 4200.

6 May at 04:39

ASP.NET 5 Policy-Based Authorization Handle Not Being Called

Following the docs here I tried to implement a policy-based auth scheme. [](

17 May at 18:26

Avoid repeating the defaults of an interface

I have an interface with default parameters and I want to call the implementing method from the implementing class (in addition to from outside it). I also want to use its default parameters. Howev...

29 Mar at 08:43

Session expiry value starts off ok, then changes to default

I have a special case when I'm trying to set my session to expire in 30 minutes. My code that saves the session looks like below. When I set a breakpoint here, the value of the variable is what I want...

10 May at 20:9

Is it possible a class to inherit only some(not all) base class members?

Is there a way that a derived class could inherit only a few of all the base class C#? If such maneuver is possible, please provide some example code.

How to handle git gc fatal: bad object refs/remotes/origin/HEAD error?

I randomly hit this today while trying to run Git : ``` $ git gc fatal: bad object refs/remotes/origin/HEAD error: failed to run repack ``` How do I deal with this?

6 Jun at 19:2

Change Datarow field value

First I have last update file from DB ```csharp DataTable excelData = ReadSCOOmega(lastUploadFile); ``` after this iterate over this data ```csharp foreach (DataRow currentRow in rows) { ...

2 May at 13:3

Mocking boto3 S3 client method Python

I'm trying to mock a singluar method from the boto3 s3 client object to throw an exception. But I need all other methods for this class to work as normal. This is so I can test a singular Exception t...

4 Dec at 05:16

Is not required for packages in Python 3.3+

I am using Python 3.5.1. I read the document and the package section here: []( Now, I ...

8 May at 03:13

Difference between ToCharArray and ToArray

What is the difference between `ToCharArray` and `ToArray` ``` string mystring = "abcdef"; char[] items1 = mystring.ToCharArray(); char[] items2 = mystring.ToArray(); ``` The result seems to be th...

10 May at 12:48

ASP.NET 5/Core/vNext CORS not working even if allowing pretty much everything

I have a ASP.NET 5 Web API (Well, MVC now anyway) back-end which I am consuming in with the [axios]( library in my JS app. My CORS config in MVC is the following: ...

11 Feb at 13:2

How to set default values in Go structs

There are multiple answers/techniques to the below question: 1. How to set default values to golang structs? 2. How to initialize structs in golang I have a couple of answers but further discussi...