Assign value directly to class variable

I don't know if this is that easy nobody is looking for that, but I didn't found anything... I want to do the following: ``` public class foo { string X { get; set ...

11 Jan at 12:26

OpenCV - Saving images to a particular folder of choice

I'm learning OpenCV and Python. I captured some images from my webcam and saved them. But they are being saved by default into the local folder. I want to save them to another folder from direct path....

11 Jan at 10:29

Install-Module : The term 'Install-Module' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet

I was trying to install Azure using `Install-Module Azure` in PowerShell. I got the following error: ``` PS C:\Windows\system32> Install-Module Azure Install-Module : The term 'Install-Module' is not...

Displaying current username in _Layout view

I am wanting to display the current ApplicationUsers Firstname+Lastname on my navigation bar on my _Layout view. I've found that you can pass your viewbag from the current RenderedBody controller like...

11 Jan at 01:2

PredicateBuilder.New vs PredicateBuilder.True

I am using PredicateBuilder to create a search/filter section in my action. Here it is: ``` [HttpPost] public ActionResult Test(int? cty, string inumber, int? page) { var lstValues ...

10 Jan at 20:57

ServiceStack OrmLite Include Column in Where Clause but Not Select

Consider the `LoyaltyCard` database DTO I have below: ``` [Alias("customer_ids")] [CompositeIndex("id_code", "id_number", Unique = true)] public class LoyaltyCard { [Alias("customer_code")] p...

.NET Core API Conditional Authentication attributes for Development & Production

Long story short, Is it possible to place an environment based authorization attribute on my API so that the authorization restriction would be turned off in development and turned back on in Producti...

10 Jan at 20:3

How to read values from the querystring with ASP.NET Core?

I'm building one RESTful API using ASP.NET Core MVC and I want to use querystring parameters to specify filtering and paging on a resource that returns a collection. In that case, I need to read the ...

What is class="mb-0" in Bootstrap 4?

The [latest documention]( has: ``` <p class="mb-0">Lorem ipsum</p> ``` What is `mb-0`?

1 Jul at 14:16

What is the difference between venv, pyvenv, pyenv, virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper, pipenv, etc?

Python 3.3 includes in its standard library the new package `venv`. What does it do, and how does it differ from all the other packages that match the regex `(py)?(v|virtual|pip)?env`?

EF Core nested Linq select results in N + 1 SQL queries

I have a data model where a 'Top' object has between 0 and N 'Sub' objects. In SQL this is achieved with a foreign key `dbo.Sub.TopId`. ``` var query = context.Top //.Include(t => t.Sub) Doesn't ...

How to list of more than 1000 records from Google Drive API V3 in C#

This is the continuation of original question in this [link][1]. Through the below code, I can able to fetch 1000 records but I have in total 6500++ records in my drive. Searching google but unable to...

C# ServiceStack.Text analyze stream of json

I am creating a json deserializer. I am deserializing a pretty big json file (25mb), which contains a lot of information. It is an array for words, with a lot of duplicates. With `NewtonSoft.Json`, I ...

Customize ServiceStack v3 JsConfig based on request header

I have an existing v3 ServiceStack implementation and I want to change the way in which the dates are serialized/deserialized. However, since there are a large number of existing external customers us...

23 May at 11:53

WPF: Is there a way to override part of a ControlTemplate without redefining the whole style?

I am trying to style a WPF xctk:ColorPicker. I want to change the background color of the dropdown view and text **without** redefining the whole style. I know that the ColorPicker contains e.g. a par...

Will scikit-learn utilize GPU?

Reading implementation of scikit-learn in TensorFlow: []( and scikit-learn: [

TimeZoneInfo in .NET Core when hosting on unix (nginx)

For example, when I try to do the following. ``` TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneById("Central European Standard Time") ``` I get the error, that the `TimeZone` is not available on the local compute...

10 Jan at 10:21

Error when checking model input: expected convolution2d_input_1 to have 4 dimensions, but got array with shape (32, 32, 3)

I want to train a deep network starting with the following layer: ``` model = Sequential() model.add(Conv2D(32, 3, 3, input_shape=(32, 32, 3))) ``` using ``` history = model.fit_generator(get_tra...

10 Jan at 07:51

How does a click-once application determine its application identity?

I have a click-once application, which is correctly signed, correctly configured and installs itself without any problem. It is set to run offline, but install from a specific URL, and if I download ...

17 Jan at 07:50

How do I bold (or format) a piece of text within a paragraph?

How can I have a line of text with different formatting? e.g.: Hello

10 Jan at 00:4

Strange symbol shows up on website (L SEP)?

I noticed on my website, [](, there's this odd symbol that shows up. []( It says L SEP. In the HTML Code, it displa...

9 Jan at 19:24

Specifying to ServiceStack to send a parameter as a query parameter

I'm using the JsonHttpClient to communicate to an existing REST server. Is there any way to specify to send certain parameters as Query / form parameters?

9 Jan at 17:56

Can you import node's path module using import path from 'path'

I prefer using the `import x from 'y'` syntax, but all I've seen online is `const path = require('path')`. Is there a way to import the path module using this syntax?

9 Jan at 17:15

CardView background color always white

I am using RecyclerView with GridLayoutManager and I have each item as CardView. Unfortunately, the CardView here does not seem to change its background color. I tried in layout and programmatically ...

Add httpOnly flag to ss-id/ss-pid servicestack cookies

I'm working on a self-hosted windows HTTP service using service stack, I have a request to implement basic authentication (username/password) to authenticate the calling applications. This is the code...