Running an EXE from C# using UWP

I have searched and searched and seem to have hit a brick wall here. I am developing an application that generates an audio fingerprint to automatically search an audio database to grab the correct ar...

20 Mar at 09:55

Add Header Parameter in Retrofit

I'm trying to call an API which requires me to pass in an API key. My Service call using `HttpURLConnection` is working perfectly. ``` url = new URL("

19 Aug at 11:34

Modal width (increase)

I want a modal to be 80% or so of a screen width. `modal-lg` isn't large enough. This: ``` .modal .modal-dialog { width: 80%; } ``` Doesn't work with Bootstrap 4.

5 Nov at 23:49

react router v^4.0.0 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'location' of undefined

I've been having some trouble with react router (i'm using version^4.0.0). this is my index.js ``` import React from 'react'; import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'; import App from './App'; import './ind...

19 Mar at 21:26

HTTP Error 500.19 with Error Code 0x8007000d visual studio 2017 while deploying .net core application

I created default .net core application using visual studio 2017 and am trying to publish it, The application works perfectly when I start it with visual studio 2017, IIS Express. But when I publish t...

How to discard changes to context in EF Core

I have a huge list of "flattened" objects in json format, and a somewhat complicated relational DB schema (with about 20 tables corresponding to a flattened object). I'm trying to automate the inserti...

Sort an array in Vue.js

How can I sort an array by name or sex before displaying it in a v-for loop? []( ``` <div id="string"> <ul> <li v-for="array in arra...

19 Mar at 09:29

async Task<IEnumerable> with yield return?

The below method doesn't compile. Alternatives? ``` public static async Task<IEnumerable<object[]>> GetRecordsAsync( this Transaction transaction, string commandText, params SqlParameter[...

23 May at 12:9

How to allow for optional services with Microsoft.Extension.DependencyInjection?

I am playing around with ASP.NET Core on my own hobby project, I want to create a framework that will be consumed by a developer, and I want to allow optional service and use defaults if they are not ...

19 Mar at 00:51

How can I add a .npmrc file?

I installed node on my Mac OS Sierra. I use Windows at my work so there I have a .npmrc file in the node folder but I don't seem to find that in mac. The problem is I want to add a registry of the for...

3 Nov at 08:50

Where is Create Unit Test in VS 2017?

I understand that this question has been asked before on SO and it appears that this feature was removed from VS at some point. But I am looking at a Microsoft [tutorial](

servicestack selfhosted on Windows2008 r2 over https without IIS

I have implemented servicestack v3.9.71 selfhost on windows2008r2. I have certificate files. how to activate https on servicestack and how to refer to certificate files. Thanks for any reply.

18 Mar at 14:12

Ref returns restrictions in C# 7.0

I am trying to understand the following excerpt from an official blog post about new features in C# 7.0 concerned with ref returns. > 1. You can only return refs that are “safe to return”: Ones that ...

20 Jun at 09:12

VueJS conditionally add an attribute for an element

In VueJS we can add or remove a DOM element using v-if: ``` <button v-if="isRequired">Important Button</button> ``` but is there a way to add / remove attributes of a dom element eg for the followi...

18 Mar at 15:40

Obtaining file extended properties in .Net Core

I want to read extended properties like `Product Version`, `Author`, etc. from a file using `.Net Core`. There were classes like `FileVersionInfo` that used to provide version information, Shell obje...

22 Mar at 16:26

How can I create a Git repository with the default branch name other than "master"?

In the [Pro Git book](, it says > “origin” is not specialJust like the branch name “master” does not have any special meaning in Git, neith...

24 Jun at 09:30

Could not load file or assembly 'System.ValueTuple'

I've got a VS2017 project that compiles to a DLL which is then called by an EXE written by someone else. Both projects target .Net Framework 4.6.2. I rewrote one of my DLL methods to return a tuple an...

26 Mar at 18:28

key_load_public: invalid format

I used PuTTY Key Generator to generate a 4096 bit RSA-2 key with a passphrase. I save the .ppk and an openSSL format public key. The putty format public key doesn't work. In any case, my error is as...

17 Mar at 17:37 class path resource cannot be opened because it does not exist

I am trying to set the configuration location for my Project but I keep getting the following error: > class path resource [main/resources/app-context.xml] cannot be ...

17 Mar at 23:55

ServiceSTack: CSV file name

Service Stack 3 - How can the filename for the attachment in ?format=csv be customized on a per response basis? I have googled this, but the only article of interest suggested replacing the entire fo...

17 Mar at 15:55

Unit Tests not discovered in Visual Studio 2017

I have been struggling with VS 2017 since I installed it. Now it seems Unit Tests will only run from the command line "dotnet test." My project is .NET Core 1.1.1. I have the SDK and the framework up...

6 Mar at 00:38

Get control name in Button event handler method Xamarin Forms

I have 20 buttons in my Xamarin Forms app . All of the buttons share the same click event method. What I want to do is use switch statement to check the button name but I am having difficulty finding ...

17 Mar at 13:10

How to hardcode and read a string array in appSettings.json?

I use VSCode and NetCore 1.1.1. I need to store several datapaths in my appsetting.json to let my console application know where to look for its data. This is an extract of the appsettings.json file...

17 Mar at 14:4

Could not connect to Redis at Connection refused with homebrew

Using homebrew to install Redis but when I try to ping Redis it shows this error: ``` Could not connect to Redis at Connection refused ``` I tried to turn off firewall and edit co...

15 Jan at 02:41

Custom ViewComponent with asp-for as parameter

I want wrap this: ``` <textarea asp-for="@Model.Content" ...> ``` into reusable ViewComponent, where property will be parameter: ``` <vc:editor asp-for="@Model.Content" /> ``` I was able to pass...