Issues with implementing Office 365 API on Android (Xamarin)

I am trying to get this application running as a starting point. [](

18 Aug at 03:9

IIS CLI generate applicationhost.config with site for my project

I have a C# solution with several projects, one of which is a web server run by IIS. I have set `<UseGlobalApplicationHostFile>True</UseGlobalApplicationHostFile>` in the csproj file of that project. ...

Enclosing a router-link tag in a button in vuejs

Can I wrap or enclose a `router-link` tag in a `button` tag? When I press the button, I want it to route me to the desired page.

11 Aug at 15:28

Why should one use Objects.requireNonNull()?

I have noted that many Java 8 methods in Oracle JDK use `Objects.requireNonNull()`, which internally throws `NullPointerException` if the given object (argument) is `null`. ``` public static <T> T re...

29 Mar at 14:25

CosmosDB - DocumentDB - Bulk insert without saturating collection RU

I am investigating using Azure CosmosDB for an application that would require high read throughput, and the ability to scale. 99% of the activity would be reads, but occasionally we would need to inse...

22 Sep at 18:1

How to set Angular 4 background image?

I am trying the following lines to set the background image.but it not works. what are the way set background image in constantly in my application. ``` <div [ngStyle]="{'background' : 'url(./image...

11 Aug at 11:30

Using named tuples in select statements

Is there a nicer way to select a named tuple in C# 7 using a var target variable? I must be doing something wrong in example 1, or misunderstanding something completely. I seem to have to explicitly s...

11 Aug at 09:36

PasswordVault security when used from Desktop app

I'd like to use [Windows.Security.Credentials.PasswordVault]( in my desktop app (WPF-based) to securely store a use...

18 Aug at 11:33

Xcode Provisioning Profiles Location

Where are the Provisioning Profiles located in Xcode 8.3.3 within the project and/or file directory?

Can I Pass Compilation Constants to a Project Reference?

If I have a `<ProjectReference>` reference, is there any way to pass a conditional compilation value to that project? Something like this (I know `<DefineConstants>` doesn't exist like this, it's just...

11 Aug at 03:11

The term 'add-migration' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet

So randomly from one day to the next my migrations stopped working. I do add-migration and it says its not being recognized. I'm using PM since this is a mvc and was working the day before. >...

10 Aug at 14:25

Gradle - Error Could not find method implementation() for arguments []

I am trying to open existing android project in android studio and it gradle cannot build the app without the error Error android studio keeps on throwing ``` Error:(74, 1) A problem occurred evalua...

How do I resolve the error AADSTS7000218: The request body must contain the following parameter: 'client_secret' or 'client_assertion'

This is how I have written code and trying to get the output. > The request body must contain the following parameter: `client_secret` or `client_assertion` ``` static async Task<AuthenticationResu...

10 Mar at 17:48

HttpWebRequest in .NET Core 2.0 throwing 302 Found Exception

We are upgrading our application from .net framework to .net core 2.0. In it, we use a `HttpWebRequest` to contact a site with `AllowAutoRedirect` set to false. When the code executed `request.GetRes...

How to retrieve a list of Memory Cache keys in core?

To be succinct. Is possible list all register keys from Memory Cache in the .Net Core Web Application? I didn't find anything in IMemoryCache interface.

9 Aug at 17:24

Using null-conditional bool? in if statement

Why this code works: ``` if (list?.Any() == true) ``` but this code doesn't: ``` if (list?.Any()) ``` saying So why is it not a language feature making such an implicit conversion in the stat...

13 Jan at 15:31

Cookie Authentication expiring too soon in ASP.NET Core

I have a ASP.NET Core 1.1.2 project in which I am using cookie authentication. I am having a problem where users are being prompted to log back in after being idle for an hour or less, and losing wor...

19 Jan at 18:44

Async function without await in JavaScript

I have two functions, `a` and `b`, that are asynchronous, the former without `await` and the latter with `await`. They both log something to the console and return `undefined`. After calling either of...

4 Sep at 05:35

Get duration of Video after upload

What is best way to get? I have a field where user will upload video. When you click the upload button, Video get uploaded. This work perfectly. I needed the duration of the video from physical pat...

7 Sep at 07:38

ComosDB - MongoAPI - Document does not contain shard key

I am investigating using CosmosDB (previously DocumentDB), we currently use MongoDB so I am trying to use the MongoAPI for CosmosDB. I have created a CosmosDB deployment in azure, created a collectio...

9 Aug at 10:10

Dbcontext IDbset properties are null when injected in ServiceStack IoC

I have registered my DbContext with the standard container in ServiceStack, the DbContext is injected into the service but strangely the `IDbSet` property is `null`, all the other properties are as ex...

Detecting when user scrolls to bottom of div with React js

I have a website with different sections. I am using to track different actions on the page. How can I detect if a user has scrolled to the bottom of a div? I have tried the following but i...

9 Aug at 08:41

#include errors detected in vscode

I am using Visual Studio Code in my C++ project. I installed . I got the following error: > #include errors detected. Please update your includePath. IntelliSense features for this translation unit (...

9 Aug at 06:50

Electron GUI with C# backend

I've got an existing project developed in C# using WinForms with custom controls for the GUI. We are amazed by the approach to write GUIs using HTML/CSS/JS and we are looking for the best way to wri...

9 May at 01:49

How to set header and options in axios?

I use Axios to perform an HTTP post like this: ``` import axios from 'axios' params = {'HTTP_CONTENT_LANGUAGE': self.language} headers = {'header1': value}, params, headers) ``` Is t...

4 Dec at 15:17