How to upgrade from RijndaelManaged to AES?

I have a working solution for crypt/decrypt data in my code (below) but when I have upgraded the project to `DOTNET6`, RijndaelManaged becomes obsolete: > Warning SYSLIB0022 'RijndaelManaged' is obs...

10 Feb at 17:47

.NET 6.0 C# "new console template" - how to read CLI arguments?

Now that .NET 6.0 is out, what appears to have be a radical update to the default CLI project template is the absence of the familiar boilerplate being reduced to the following: ``` // See https://aka...

Minimal API in .NET 6 using multiple files

In .NET 6 it is possible to create minimal APIs: ``` var builder = WebApplication.CreateBuilder(args); var app = builder.Build(); app.MapGet("/products/{id}", (int id) => { return Results.Ok(); }) ap...

.NET 6 IntersectBy and ExceptBy examples

Could someone provide me a small example on how to Use the .NET 6 LINQ `IntersectBy` and `ExceptBy` methods? MSDN hasn't got any examples and the one I tried doesn't compile due to CS0411 error. The e...

27 Nov at 14:22

Sudden - 'The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted in Microsoft.Data.SqlClient' in working project

I have an ASP.Net Webforms website running in IIS on a Windows Server. Also on this server is the SQL server. Everything has been working fine with the site but now I am seeing issues with using a Dat...

25 Nov at 14:12

DateOnly Json Conversion in .net6 api

How can I add the DateOnly JsonConverter to the application configuration of a .net6 web api? I have an object with DateOnly properties on it and I'm returning it from the controller. When I make my ...

3 Nov at 20:0

Publish .net MAUI Application as windows executable

How can I publish a .net MAUI Application to a Single executable? Is this even possible? I Have an application which I want my friends to use on their Windows PC. Is there any way without using the co...

24 Nov at 14:19

Ping Tasks will not complete

I am working on a "heartbeat" application that pings hundreds of IP addresses every minute via a loop. The IP addresses are stored in a list of a class `Machines`. I have a loop that creates a `Task<M...

30 Nov at 13:11

Integration test and hosting ASP.NET Core 6.0 without Startup class

To setup unit tests in previous versions of .Net Core, I could host my WebApp or WebAPI in a test project the following way: ``` IHost host = Host.CreateDefaultBuilder() .ConfigureWebHostD...

24 Nov at 18:27

Run EF migrations on Startup in core 6 application

How can I run ef migrations on startup in 6 application. This is my Program.cs ``` var builder = WebApplication.CreateBuilder(args); var connectionString = builder.Configuration.GetConnectionS...

the configuration file 'secrets.json' was not found and is not optional (.NET 6)

User Secrets error is being generated in a CI/CD pipeline, when secrets.json file shouldn't be expected. Steps: 1. Create .NET 5 project 2. Added user secrets. 3. Code runs locally and in CI/CD pipel...

2 Dec at 09:33

ServiceStack OrmLite: .Save/SaveAsync generates Duplicate entry on PRIMARY key

I was under the impression that the OrmLite Save method did an "upsert", update if record/row exist, otherwise insert. In the [documentation for ServiceStack OrmLite](

.NET Core 3.1 v .NET 6.0

I got all excited on the release of Visual Studio 2022, C# 10 and .NET 6.0 and downloaded and installed the community edition and tested a project I am working on. I changed the target framework to 6....

Custom name for RegisterHandler lists - RedisMqServer / IMessageQueueClient

We are using IMessageQueueClient to push messages onto a Redis queue and pick them up via the registerhandler method. [](

19 Nov at 15:59

ServiceStack IRedisClient ScanAllKeys with a pattern does not return results as expected (ServiceStack 5.7.0)

I have tried the following code with and without the '*' wildcard using IRedisClient from StackService.Redis. It does not return the list of keys that match a pattern as I expected. I am trying to sea...

18 Nov at 21:40

Display of => and == operators in Viusal Studio 2022

In Visual Studio 2022, some operators like == and => are shown in a special way: []( I'd rather turn that off but I haven't found a way to do it.

6 Jul at 10:40

Visual Studio 2022 turn off grey suggestions

How does one turn off grey suggestions in Visual Studio 2022, but keep the table below? ![Grey suggestions](

17 Nov at 21:57

Is there a difference between "!=" and "is not" in C#?

Is this: ``` if(x != y) { } ``` different from this: ``` if (x is not y) { } ``` Or are there no differences between the two conditions?

20 Nov at 17:36

How to disable new AI-based IntelliCode in VS 2022?

On the surface the new AI-based IntelliCode for Visual Studio 2022 seems cool. So when I installed VS2022 and it asked if I wanted to allow training models on my code, I said sure because I wanted to ...

ServiceStack.Text \ ServiceStack.SSE serialization problem

We are using ServiceStack SSE, as RedisSentEvents, ServiceStack version is 5.8 Sometimes the SSE client receives an Invalid JSON on the other side, and sometimes we get an exception. Most of the times...

17 Nov at 14:42

Can I add a reference to a .NET Framework DLL from a .NET 6 project?

Microsoft recently announced .Net 6.0 as major version. I didn't find any reference where we can use older .NET framework (> 4.7.*) references in .net 6.0 project? Say, a .NET 6 project will have dll...

17 Nov at 13:42

servicestack VueJS Compile failure

[enter image description here]( After installing Vuejs in the servicestack then run the project it shows error like this.kindly give a solutions

How can I use a file-scoped namespace declaration in a class template?

C# 10 introduced [file-scoped namespaces](, which I would like to use in Visual Studio's...

Deps File Missing for Dotnet 6 Integration Tests

Before I start, I've tried all suggestions from the following and none work: [Integration testing ASP.NET Core with .NET Framework - can't find deps.json](

16 Nov at 15:34

How to use C#10 in Visual Studio 2019

How can I use C# 10 in Visual Studio 2019? I have latest update (16.11.6) and when I try to make a new project (need NET Standard 2.0, for compatibility with 4.7.2) and change it to C#10 ``` <Project ...