How to get project inside of Solution Folder in VSIX project

Hi I am having a problem, with a custom build task inside of a Visual Studio Extension. I need to identify projects of my custom project type. I can do this fine if they are on the root of the solutio...

3 Aug at 10:18

await Task.Run vs await

I've searched the web and seen a lot of questions regarding `Task.Run` vs await async, but there is this specific usage scenario where I don't not really understand the difference. Scenario is quite s...

23 Dec at 09:43

Why do I get "number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length"

I have a dataframe combi including two variables DT and OD. I have a few missing values NA in both DT and OD but not necessary the same record. I then try to replace missing values in DT with OD if ...

3 Aug at 08:35

ServiceStack.Ormlite for sqlite with really slow running time

I am using ServerStack.OrmLite 4.0 on Windows 7. I created a table with OrmLite and inserted about 100 rows of data on a Sqlite file. The time of the Db.Select() took about 1 minute. When I changed th...

3 Aug at 09:53

NUnit failed to load DLL

I am getting the following error message when trying to run unit tests in Visual Studio: ``` NUnit failed to load w:\Repos\\Trading.Tools.Test\bin\x64\Debug\Trading.Tools.Test.dll ``` ...

5 Aug at 04:15

HTTP Verb at ServiceStack Service and at DTO routing

I am newbie to ServiceStack. From the [wiki](, the Service class has the Any, Get..etc HTTP Verb functions to get the...

3 Aug at 02:18

Clear an input field with Reactjs?

I am using a variable below. ``` var newInput = { title: this.inputTitle.value, entry: this.inputEntry.value }; ``` This is used by my input fields. ``` <input type="text" id="inputname...

17 Jun at 09:46

Web Api Optional Parameters in the middle with attribute routing

So I'm testing some of my routing out with `Postman` and I can't seem to get this call to go through: ``` [RoutePrefix("api/Employees")] public class CallsController : ApiController { [HttpGet]...

Can I access a database during startup in ASP.NET Core?

I have recently been working on a .NET Core web API. I have just attempted authentication using JWT, by following the guide on [](https://st...

System.Data.Entity.Spatial replacement in ASP.NET Core

I am trying to migrate a webform from ASP.NET MVC to ASP.NET Core MVC. Currently I am trying to find a way to replace: ``` using System.Data.Entity.Spatial; ``` since it is not currently available ...

16 Sep at 13:42

How to turn off or handle camelCasing in JSON response ASP.NET Core?

I'm running through a WintellectNOW course on ASP.NET Core/Web API/Angular 2. I have the API portion implemented, but for whatever reason, the JSON that is being returned has the variable names being ...

7 Feb at 22:1

Can I tell the .NET GC to leave some threads alone?

I'm investigating the possibility of rewriting a relatively small service from C++ to C#. The service has two main functions: 1. Execute HTTP requests once in a while. They involve several high-leve...

How do I add default parameters to functions when using type hinting?

If I have a function like this: ``` def foo(name, opts={}): pass ``` And I want to add type hints to the parameters, how do I do it? The way I assumed gives me a syntax error: ``` def foo(name: ...

6 Oct at 13:41

How to integrate visual conflict resolution (P4Merge) into SourceTree

For quite some time now, I have been bedeviled by SourceTree's lack of usable conflict resolution. There is supposed to be a procedure for integrating p4Merge or some other diff/merge tool into Sou...

sendgrid multiple recipients c#

I'm using this code to send email from a web application. No problem with just one recipient. I've researched to use the same technic coming from [

13 Jun at 10:15

'Optional.get()' without 'isPresent()' check

I have the following search code in Java: ``` return getTableViewController().getMe().getColumns().stream() .filter($ -> Database.equalsColumnName($.getId(), columnId)) .findFirst() .get()...

6 Feb at 00:39

C# How to verify signature on JWT token?

I am trying to understand how to verify signatures of JWT tokens using the .NET Framework. I am using the token found at []( . If I understand how this is supposed to ...

14 Aug at 04:16

What is the purpose of mvnw and mvnw.cmd files?

When I created a Spring Boot application I could see `mvnw` and `mvnw.cmd` files in the root of the project. What is the purpose of these two files?

23 Jan at 09:34

Why is the execution order of inner 'finally' and outer 'when' swapped in C# 6.0?

I've seen this example: ``` static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine("Start"); try { SomeOperation(); } catch (Exception) when (EvaluatesTo()) { Con...

29 Sep at 17:58

How do I filter date range in DataTables?

I have a large dataTable which contains ride information. Every row has a start datetime and an end datetime of the following format(yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss). How can I use a datepicker for setting a filt...

21 Dec at 23:14

Convert a string to datetime in PowerShell

I am using PowerShell to try and convert a string to a datetime. It should be easy, right? I am getting the string from a CSV import, and it comes in the format of `Jul-16`. I have tried multiple way...

27 Mar at 09:41

csc.exe has stopped working causes Server Error in '/' Application

When I run my application on `VS2015` I get a window saying that `csc.exe has stopped working` like below: []( After I click to close the program I get another erro...

WebAPI Selfhost: Can't bind multiple parameters to the request's content

The below code are simplified to show the necessity. May I know what is wrong? I can't seems to retrieve two Parameters (A and B in this case) using the [FromBody] attribute. The error message is "Ca...

2 Aug at 08:19

Preserve serialization-order of members in CodeDOM

I know we can enforce generating the members within the classes in the same order as within the members-collection [as stated on MSDN](

28 Sep at 07:17

how to make UITextView height dynamic according to text length?

As you can see in this image the `UITextView` changes it's height according to the text length, I want to make it adjust it's height according to the text length. [](

2 Aug at 07:51